What are essential Oils?

Essential oils are a kind of concentrated liquid that are extracted from the different parts of plants. The fruits, leaves, flowers and seeds are the main source of extracting this kind of oils from a plant. There are different processes which are applied in order to extract them from these parts. Amongst tall the processes which are used the distillation and the expression methods are the most common ones which are used for the same. The essential oils are used to treat various ailments in the human body. Thus the use of them can be seen in almost everywhere starting from preparation of various medicines to use them directly on the body.


What is a carrier oil?

A Carrier oil is an oil that is used to dilute the powers of essential oils. Normally, when being used in pregnant women, children or breastfeeding women, it is recommended to dilute the oils. One of the best examples of a carrier oil is coconut oil.


Can essential oils be consumed?

Generally, essential oils are only for external use and only if the essential oil is specifically made for internal use, then you can consume it. But make sure you read the instructions carefully and consume only if the manual says there is nothing wrong in consuming it. Or else never use any kind of essential oils internally.


Can I use essential oils daily?

Yes, essential oils can be used many times a day. But it is always recommended to read the instruction manual that comes along with the oil and use as per specified in the manual.


Can it be used on children?

Most of the essential oils are always good for all ages of people, but when it comes to children care should be taken about the type of oil being used. Some oils like wintergreen are dangerous when taken in large doses, so it is always better to dilute the oil or only apply the oil on their feet.


Is it safe to use essential oils during pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, you should be careful with any kind of medicine or anything you use. Even with essential oils, please follow these precautions during pregnancy

  • During the first 3 months, utmost care should be taken and anything that you use should be based on the consent of your doctor.

  • It is good to dilute it with


    oil before applying on your body.

  • Using aromatherapy oil is best recommended during pregnancy


I am breastfeeding, can I use essential oils?

Essential oils can be used anytime and if you are breastfeeding take some precautions to use only these essential oils, as these are proven to be safe while breastfeeding. Not that others are harmful, but when you have a proven list, why go for the other right?

  • Wild Orange

  • Patchouli

  • Lemon

  • Lavender

  • Grapefruit

  • Clary Sage

  • Bergamont


Any precautions need to be followed while using essential oils?

Even though essential oils are a natural remedy product, it is powerful and certain types of essential oils need to be taken with prior advice from your doctor. It is always better to read the instruction manual properly as it would clearly state who should use and who shouldn’t.

  • Make sure to use only high-quality oils

    Don’t use it in your eyes, until recommended

    Do a skin test, before start using regularly and if you have any irritation, then stop using those kinds of oils


How much should I use daily?

You don’t need to dump a whole bottle, essential oils are to be used like any other oil you use daily, like coconut oil etc. Just put a few drops of oil in your hands and work with that. You can also follow any instructions manual provided along with some brands, that may clearly state the amount of oil you should use for adults and children.