What are the Best Essential Oil Companies and Brands?

March 8, 2017 @ 5:30PM

What are the Best Essential Oil Companies and Brands?

Finding the best essential oil companies is must especially when you are looking for a natural and the best essential oil brands. These oils are natural and can quickly cure the standard health issues like ear infections, headaches, tummy aches, some bacterial infections and viruses, and more. But, many of you do not know which essential oil is best to cure these sorts of health issues.

Why finding the best essential oil brands are important?

Because, you will find different qualities, company culture, and standards of production are available on the market. Also, the products are available at difference prices. Since it is vital, to find the best essential oil companies offer the quality products and brands. You should make sure that you are buying the quality essential oil as well as you should look for the affordable brands.


What is an essential oil?

Many people don’t know what an essential oil is? Well, for starters, an essential oil is a volatile, concentrated, and a fragrant liquid that extracted from the fruit seeds, stems, roots, flowers, bark or other parts of a tree or a plant. You can find over 10,000 plants on this planet that contain essential oils. Over 500 of these aromatic or essential oils are processed commercially. The essential oil is in use for centuries as the ancients used it for healing purposes. The most standard method to extract oils is through steam distillation, and it also can be accomplished by hydro-distillation, where the plant is boiled in water. The advanced and modern process includes mechanically extracting oils from solvent and citrus fruit peel extraction. But, solvent extracted are not essential oils as it contains CO2. Here you can find some of the best essential oil companies and brands that can help you choose quality essential oil for your needs:


Plant Therapy Essential Oils: Plant Therapy is the best essential oil as the company offers quality essential oils to the customers. Before they bring out the product into the market, they check everything to provide 100 percent natural, pure and high-quality product. The company assures that the essential oil brands are perfect for use in aromatherapy.


Edens Garden Essential Oils: It is one of the best essential oil companies that offer quality oils. It is the biggest brand in the industry that provides reliable products. The company also got the real seal of approval, and it is the most favorite brand among the customers. It is known for providing an amazing variety of essential oils, gift sets, accessories, and carrier oils and the company is a big success in providing quality and affordable essential oils.


Aura Cacia Essential Oils: The Aura Cacia essential oils, the company founded in 1982, and in the year1993, it was bought by the FNP (Frontier Natural Products) Co-Op. It is a traditional retail company, and you can find Aura Cacia in a local or health food stores, you can also find them online and in any drug store for retail purchase. The company offers only the best and quality oils, and it is one of the popular brands that are available on the market.


The Best Essential Oils: If you are wondering which essential oil is the best, then here you can find some of the best essential oils for your needs. You can find several best essential oils and, each one of these oils contains unique characteristics, but most of these oils contain similar medical properties. Some oils offer a wide range of benefits, and here you can find some of the best essentials oils that are used for common health issues that you can get rid of in everyday life.


Lavender: Lavender essential oil is the most recommended oil, which is extracted from the aromatic blooms of the lavender plant. The oil provides a distinctive aroma that feels healing and relaxing. The Lavender essential oil is also used to treat allergies, refresh indoor, and soothe bug bites, rashes, and any other type of skin irritations. It is the best product for general skin conditions and hair care, and best product even for sensitive skin individuals.


Peppermint: It is a strong spicy essential oil, which is related with the herb and candy with a peppermint flavor. The oil contains high-percentage of menthol, and it acts as antimicrobial oil, which can relieve pain, and it can be used for digestive problems and dental care. The Peppermint oils prevent bad breath, stomach pain, nausea, gas, and indigestion. Also, the essential oil can be used to reduce a headache, inflamed joint pain relief medicine.


Lemon: The essential oil is extracted from the skin of lemons. This oil gives the refreshing citrus aroma that can increase and improve your mood. The oil contains antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, and the oil can be used to treat respiratory and skin infections. This essential oil is both calming and stimulating, so it can be used to reduce stress levels and insomnia. It relaxes physical and mental fatigue and develops cognitive function. 

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